Thatcher: The Unauthorized Biography of Blackbeard the Pirate is a trilogy
that weaves the acknowledged facts of Blackbeard's life into the historic
machinations that led to today's world. These novels shatter any foregone
conclusion for those who think they know the story of Blackbeard.  The
incidences surrounding his death, the colonial hostilities it created and the
iron fist employed by King George to control them began a sixty-year
process that eventually led to the American Revolution, giving credence to
the cliché that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
Chronicle One begins in the frozen climes of Russia,
where Thatcher Edwards is conceived in an illicit affair
that could have dramatic repercussions for the Romanov
dynasty. Born in his mother's native Bristol in southern
England, Thatcher is schooled in the ways of commerce,
ranging from the trading of goods to the peddling of
flesh. His predilection for violence forces his flight to
America, where boxing, pirate-hunting, nautical
commerce and privateering fill up his formative years, as
Thatcher tries to find his way in life and his place in
Queen Anne's expanding empire.
Chronicle Two sees Thatcher and Caesar Edwards,
privateers and Caribbean raconteurs, back in their home
of Bristol, England, with the ambition of revitalizing the
family brothel. Working to capitalize on their hard won
commercial skills honed during Queen Anne's war, the
brothers find past resentments still run deep. As all hope
of respectability slips from their grasp, they return to the
waters of the New World where they reach the ultimate
conclusion that their fates reside in the world's second
oldest profession:  thievery.
Chronicle Three finds England resolutely committed to
master the spoils of Queen Anne's War. And while her
enemies may have been brought to their knees, she must
now find a way to dominate those who had given her
victory while simultaneously being cast away. Thatcher
Edwards joined the masses and faded into obscurity,
only to re-emerge as the notorious Captain Edward
Thatch. The New World could only be mastered by men
of singular ambition. Two commoners strove to have
their names etched on the pages of history. Only one
became a legend.